MAGE Services Network

Please contact us for more information on how we can support you directly.

Examples of services available are listed below by audience type.

SERVICES for Parents​
  • Advocating at your child's school or other places of learning

  • Consulting with you about your child and their educational needs

  • Coaching you on your journey into the world of giftedness

  • Provide information about giftedness

  • Information about testing

  • Suggestions for service providers

SERVICES for K-12 Educators
  • PD on topics such as

    • Gifted 101- Basics of giftedness​​

    • Strategies for working with the gifted 

    • Social & emotional issues of gifted

    • Behavior issues common with gifted 

    • Gifted students in the  classroom

  • Consulting on a student

  • Working with a district

  • Developing programming

SERVICES for Universities
  • Professors & classes

    • Guest lecturers

    • Adjunct professor

  • Curriculum

    • University courses in gifted ed.

    • PD modules on gifted ed. topics

SERVICES for Students
  • In school and after school:

    • Enrichment​

    • Tutoring

    • Mentoring

Homeschooler SERVICES 
  • School district home education plan assistance

  • Parent support 

  • Tutoring and enrichment

  • STEM workshops

  • Humanities and Arts workshops

  • Parent Meet-ups

  • Parent coaching

  • Team Competitions (Olympiads, Mock Trial, Destination Imagination, Robotics, etc.)

Twice Exceptional SERVICES

Students, Families, and Educators



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