The mission of MAGE is to:

  • support and advance the understanding of high potential/gifted children and their special needs; 

  • promote the establishment of programs, services, and opportunities for high ability/gifted students; and

  • encourage the exchange of information pertaining to gifted individuals among educators, parents, policy-makers, and students on the national, state, and local levels.

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We recognize the need to provide every Massachusetts student, regardless of cultural or socio-economic background, the opportunity to be educated in a manner that is fully commensurate with his/her ability or talent without restriction.


Gifted and talented learners have unique potential and diverse needs that deserve to be recognized, supported, and respected. We envision a time when teachers and parents are all trained to understand and help bright students reach their potential in the most effective way possible. We envision a time when an equitable, appropriate, and challenging education, aligned with their potential, is delivered to all children.


  • To Create Community—a community of shared interests and values pertaining to gifted individuals and gifted education

  • To Disseminate Information—information on education, challenges, and needs of high ability/gifted children

  • To Advocate – in support of public policies appropriate to these goals

  • To Provide Professional Development - provide professional development for those in the education profession on characteristics of this population, the challenges they face, and strategies for supporting them. This can be in partnership with higher education institutions or directly

  • To Offer Services - services to children to meet their specific needs, and to provide advice and advocate on their behalf with schools/districts

  • To Award – to offer recognition to individuals promoting MAGE’s objectives as well as gifted students deserving recognition.


  • Increase the understanding of the special needs of bright, gifted, high-potential, twice-exceptional (2E), and gifted underachievers in parent and educator communities

  • Establish opportunities for all gifted children and youth in Massachusetts

  • Increase understanding of this population among state legislators

  • Involve higher education institutions

  • Expand our regional support networks (Cambridge, Springfield, Central, Foxboro)

  • Expand our membership

  • Increase content on our website, and information in MAGE newsletters.

  • Provide professional development to educators on gifted education

  • Provide access to scholarships for student enrichment programs

  • Maintain a fiscally sound organization



The MAGE logo was updated in 2015 with input from the board members. The Mobius strip connotes complexity, continuity, and infinity. Gifted and talented students are complex thinkers and their lives have infinite possibilities. Our goal is to provide continuity and support to all who work with these students. MAGE is embedded in Massachusetts. The bird, a gull, found along our coast, symbolizes our desire to give our advanced learners wings to soar.



We would like to acknowledge the excellent graphic design work of Nicholas Santangelo.