Providing support and advocacy for the gifted and talented of Massachusetts.

Upcoming MAGE Member Event

Does your Gifted or Twice Exceptional student feel frustrated or bored in their academic setting? Wish you had tips on advocating for their needs? Well MAGE Members are covered! This upcoming webinar is a member benefit so a Zoom link will be sent out to all the current members a week before and then a day or so before the event. Join us!

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Monthly MAGE Event

Join us for a virtual "fireside chat" on every first Sunday of the month with MAGE Board Member, Dr. MaryGrace Stewart, director of IDEAL4Gifted.


When: December 5, 2021 @ 7PM Eastern  

Where: ZOOM

What: Learning opportunity for adults on Giftedness followed by a story time for kids that starts at 7:45PM

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Online learning for gifted and twice exceptional learners.


Live teachers, Grouping by Readiness, Serving Ages 5-14



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The mission of MAGE is to:

  • support and advance the understanding of high potential/gifted children and their special needs; 

  • promote the establishment of programs, services, and opportunities for high ability/gifted students; and

  • encourage the exchange of information pertaining to gifted individuals among educators, parents, policy-makers, and students on the national, state, and local level.

We recognize the need to provide every Massachusetts student, regardless of cultural or socio-economic background, the opportunity to be educated in a manner that is fully commensurate with his/her ability or talent without restriction.

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at the heart of our work

The Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education (MAGE), advocates every day for the state to provide all children equitable access to a public school education that is fully aligned with their abilities and talents, without restrictions. 


MAGE stands against all forms of discrimination and discriminatory policies and practices. MAGE does not discriminate on the basis of age, neurodiversity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, ethnicity, race, color, religion, language, national origin; or physical,  psychological, or intellectual ability.


At this years NAGC Conference, MAGE Board member and President emeritus, MaryGrace Stewart received this years NAGC Community Service Award! The current MAGE Co-Presidents Karen Blumstein and Michelle Barmazel nominated Dr. Stewart for her unending devotion to serving students, families, and professionals in the world of gifted education. We are so excited that the National Association for Gifted Children chose her for this honor! Congratulations MaryGrace!




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